Aluminum volleyball posts 80x80 mm, Premium

Tension-free aluminum volleyball posts for universal use.

Purpose: The set is intended for the main pitch in sports halls with a width of over 12 m and for training pitches in halls over 24 m long. The posts can also be used on outdoor pitches.

  • Posts made of ribbed aluminum profile 80 x 80 mm
  • The net tensioning device (with the use of a covered trapezoidal screw and a catch hook) is placed on the running rail, outside the profile. Winding crank included
  • Hook hooks mounted on the opposite post (sliding)
  • The device enables smooth adjustment of the net height in the range of 106-245 cm (universal use of the set: volleyball, tennis, badminton)
  • The posts do not require the use of lashings from the ground
  • FIVB compliant