Aluminum handball goals, 3x2 m, frame screwed in the corners

Professional aluminum handball goals, dimensions 3x2 meters, main frame screwed in the corners.
Designed for any type of sports facility. Made and marked in accordance with the IHF standard.

Basic information:

  • Clear goal dimensions (L x H): 300 x 200 cm
  • The main frame is screwed at the corners and made of 80x80 mm aluminum profile
  • Back arches are made of a bent steel profile 35 x 35 mm, foldable or fixed (optional)
  • The foldable structure of the arches enables easier assembly and disassembly as well as the storage of the goals
  • All steel elements of the goal are protected against weather conditions by hot-dip galvanizing
  • The net is attached with UMOS plastic holders
  • PN-EN quality certificate
  • The gates are marked in accordance with the IHF standard, in blue as standard. On request, it is possible to change the marking to red or black
  • The price includes 1 pair (2 pieces) of goals


  • Closed facilities (halls and sports halls) - plate brands fixed to the floor of the hall by screwing in the lower part of the arch with fixing screws to the grips permanently fixed in the floor (four fixing points per one goal)
  • Outdoor pitches - grassy: suggest fixing goals - a pin grip for anchoring in the ground
  • Outdoor fields - concrete: suggesting goal fixing - a set of disc brands embedded in concrete

The above mounting elements are available as a separate product.

Standard goals are available in the following depths (to choose from):

  • 50 cm at the bottom, 50 cm at the top (for small sports halls, L = 20-30 m)
  • 80 cm at the bottom, 60 cm at the top (for small sports halls, L = 20-30 m)
  • 100 cm at the bottom, 80 cm at the top (for typical sports halls, L = 30-40 m)
  • 120 cm below, 100 cm above (for typical sports halls, L> 40 m)

Up to the selected depth, we offer meshes available as a separate product