Gymnastic bench - wooden legs

Gymnastic bench, wooden legs.

  • The length of the bench (variants): 2.0 m; 2.5 m; 3.0; 4.0 m
  • The height of the bench: 30 cm
  • The width of the bench: 22 cm
  • Made of knotless softwood or hardwood
  • The entire structure is covered with ecological transparent varnish
  • Wooden legs are equipped with non-slip, non-marking feet
  • Reinforced steel brackets connecting the elements of the bench stiffen its structure, ensuring stability and safety of use
  • All edges of the plate, beam and feet are rounded

Additional information:

  • The bench has a hook that allows it to be hung on a ladder, bar or gymnastic box
  • After turning the bench, a 10 cm wide beam on the bottom can be used as a balance
  • The gymnastic bench has the "B" safety certificate and meets the requirements of the following standards: PN-N-97063: 1996 and PN-EN 913: 2008