Purpose: Closed facilities – sports halls, show halls, gymnasiums.

Basic features of the stand:

  • A modern, safe and easy, friction-free method of unfolding and folding. One person is enough to operate the stands in this regard
  • The seat with backrest 38 cm folds, along with the sliding stand, row by row
  • Modular structure (module lengths 300 cm, 350 cm, 400 cm, 450 cm, 500 cm, 550 cm, 600 cm)
  • The tribune is each time designed and adjusted individually to a given facility
  • Safe wheels with bearings with a polypropylene race ensure smooth operation during sliding and sliding, while eliminating the risk of damaging the floor
  • Any color configuration (color selection according to the RAL palette): the surface of metal parts, the color of the railings, the color of the seats, the stand panel panels
  • 18 mm thick platforms made of anti-skid plate
  • Use of additional intermediate steps
  • Steps are finished with corrugated aluminum sheet
  • The safety rails at the edges allow the tribune to be completely folded without the need to disassemble it
  • Compliance with the Polish Standard (PN-EN)

Selected technical parameters:

  • Seat spacing: 450 – 600 mm
  • Seat type: two-piece, foldable, with 38 cm backrest
  • Level difference between the platforms: 320 mm
  • The height of the intermediate steps: 160 mm
  • The width of the entrances: 150 cm / 200 cm
Number of Rows / Parameters345678910111213141516
Depth of the tribune after unfolding [cm]263358453548643738833928102311181213130814031498
Depth of the tribune after folding [cm]151151151151151151151151151151151151151151
Height of the last platform [cm]6496128160192224256288320352384416448480
Average number of seats per 1 running meter *5,37,08,710,412,113,715,417,118,820,522,223,825,527,2

* The average number of places given in the table may differ from the actual value in the finished project. It may be influenced by local conditions, arrangement of seats, number of entrances, etc.


Information about the running gear of the stand:

  • The stand system uses two types of securely bearing wheels:
    • Polyamide-polyurethane wheels (D = 100 mm) used for stands with a smaller number of rows
    • Aluminum-polyurethane wheels (D = 100 mm) used for stands with a large number of rows
  • The entire stand can be adapted to transport and storage according to the client’s preferences. The tribune is available in three variants:
    • Folding tribune without a wheel system – intended for permanent installation, in one place
    • Folding and pull-out tribune – it can be moved perpendicularly to the wall (useful in keeping clean outside the stand)
    • A folding mobile tribune – thanks to the use of a transport trolley system, it is possible to transport the tribune to any place (after it has been pulled out).

NOTE: Only the tribune in the retractable variant can be later expanded with a full running system.


  • Any questions related to the stands:
    • Installation
    • Technical informations
    • Quotation
    • Project – please send to the technical and commercial department