Seats mounted directly to the structure of the facility.

Purpose: Universal. Open and closed facilities.

Basic Features:

  • Seats are bolted to a steel beam, which is mounted (using special brackets) directly to the object – a wall or a step
  • The type of fastening used eliminates the structural elements attached to the ground, which may be in the way, for example, during cleaning works, it also allows for the creation of seats at almost any point in the sports facility
  • Steel structure, hot-dip galvanized (for open facilities) or powder coated (for closed facilities)
  • Plastic seats available in various colors
  • Spacing of seats: 500 mm (two seats / running meter)
  • Typical lengths: 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m
  • Lengths less than 1 m are made for the price of 1 m


  • Any questions about the bench structure:
    • Technical informations
    • Quotation
    • Project – please send to the technical and commercial department