Wall folding tribune with bench type seats.

Purpose: Closed facilities – sports halls, show halls, gymnasiums.
The tribune allows you to expand the function of a sports facility. Acts as the audience.

Basic features of the stand:

  • The stands are made in the form of 250 cm long modules, installed to the side wall
  • A characteristic feature of this system of stands is their shallow depth when folded
  • The main wall frame and tilt frames are made of closed steel profiles, the remaining structural elements are made of specially profiled sheet metal elements, laser cut and bent to obtain the appropriate shape.
  • The stands are made of 12 mm plywood, the risers are made of 9 mm plywood, all upholstery plywood is chamfered and painted with clear varnish
  • The structure is raised and lowered manually, with the use of a lock mechanism in the upper position
  • Access to the stand through additional steps
  • The tribune is each time designed and adjusted individually to a given facility
  • Compliance with the Polish Standard (PN-EN)

Selected technical parameters:

  • Seat type: bench made of plywood, 12 mm thick
  • Module width: 250 cm
  • Depth after folding: 30 cm
  • Number of rows of stands: 2

Information about optional solutions:

  • The seats can be equipped with upholstery covers, the color of the finishing of the construction elements of the stand and the barriers


  • Any questions related to the stands:
    • Installation
    • Technical informations
    • Quotation
    • Project – please send to the technical and commercial department


Trybuna składana na ścianę 2-rzędowa THIN-UP, z siedziskami typu ławkaTrybuna składana na ścianę 2-rzędowa THIN-UP, z siedziskami typu ławka