Permanent covered tribune, equipped with plastic seats.

Purpose: Open facilities - sports fields, stadiums.

Basic features of the stand:

  • The tribune is available in a 3 or 4 row version
  • The structure of the tribune is made of steel profiles, protected against weather conditions by hot-dip galvanizing
  • Roof covering made of colorless polycarbonate plates, 8 mm thick, with a 2xUV coating, arched
  • The frame of the roof structure consists of two parts, it is screwed to the cross frames of the tribune and anchored directly to the ground (concrete foundations)
  • The stands are made of hot-dip galvanized steel gratings of the Vema type (optionally other solutions, such as checker plate, are available)
  • The tribune is equipped with side safety rails
  • The tribune is each time designed and adjusted individually to a given facility, in accordance with the current safety regulations and standards for the audience.
  • Any possibility of color configuration (choice of colors according to the RAL palette): surface of metal parts, color of barriers, color of seats
  • Compliance with the Polish Standard (PN-EN)

Selected technical parameters:

  • Seat type: plastic (polypropylene) without a backrest 11 cm, in a variant with a backrest height of 25 or 32 cm. With a certificate of flame retardance, toxicity and durability. The reinforced supporting structure with additional ribs under the seat and a double back wall maximize durability and prevent vandalism. Resistant to UV radiation and temperature. Equipped with a water drainage hole and a place for a plate with the seat number
  • The axial distance of the seats: 500 mm
  • Level difference between the platforms: 280 mm
  • The width of the entrances: 150 cm or 200 cm
  • The height of the intermediate steps: 140 mm


  • Any questions related to the stands:
  • Installation
  • Technical informations
  • Quotation
  • Project - please send to the technical and commercial department