Seats in the form of a free-standing movable bench.

Purpose: Universal. Open and closed facilities.

Basic Features:

  • Seats screwed to a beam equipped with brackets stabilizing the whole structure
  • The brackets are equipped with holes enabling the assembly of the bench to the ground, if necessary. By default, the entire structure is portable
  • The mobility of the entire structure allows for the creation of seats at almost any point in the sports facility
  • Steel structure, hot-dip galvanized (for open facilities) or powder coated (for closed facilities)
  • Plastic seats available in various colors
  • Spacing of seats: 500 mm (two seats / running meter)
  • Typical lengths: 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m
  • Lengths less than 1 m are made for the price of 1 m


  • Any questions related to the design of the bench:
    • Technical informations
    • Quotation
    • Project – please send to the technical and commercial department