A complete padel court.
A court system that allows you to play matches and trainings on a closed surface, in places not usually adapted to this type of activity. All dimensions of the court are adapted to the requirements of the International Padel Federation.

Playing field dimensions: 20 m x 10 m
Overall dimensions: 21 m x 11 m

Basic information:

  • The main load-bearing skeleton of the structure consists of vertical steel poles (steel profile 80x80x2 mm, height 3 and 4 m) and horizontal crossbars (80x40x2 mm, width 2 m)
  • The skeleton is filled with frame modules with welded steel mesh (36 x 36 mm mesh) and modules with 12 mm toughened glass. The location of the frames and glass complies with the requirements of the International Padel Federation
  • All steel elements are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing and then painted
  • The standard color for poles is anthracite (RAL 7024). The standard color for mesh frames is orange (RAL 2009) - colors (from the RAL color palette)

Optional variants:

  • The structure of the court can be modified with numerous optional variants:
  • sliding gate, hinged gate. The entire court can also be designed as a portable variant


  • Any questions related to the court:
  • Installation
  • Technical informations
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  • Project - please send to the technical and sales department