One of the key elements improving the safety of using an outdoor pitch are ball nets. The pole system (together with the net) delimits the total usable area of ​​the field, while protecting the environment from the ball that may leave the field of play. The basic elements of the system are steel poles and a polyethylene mesh installed on them. Thanks to the use of sleeves (concreted in the ground), the structure ensures safety and is appropriately stable.

An additional element stabilizing the whole structure are the struts that prevent deflection of the end columns (due to the tension of the mesh).
The polyethylene protective net used in the system is stretched across the entire width of the structure, and its mounting and appropriate tension is ensured by a set of accessories intended for this: steel tension cord (fi 3 mm), turnbuckles, Teflon carabiners and brackets – their use and quantity depend on from the length of the barrier netting, which is individually designed each time.

There are various height and material variants of the poles used in the production of the field barrier netting.

The poles can be 4m or 6m in size, they can be made of steel and additionally covered with zinc, which significantly increases the material quality and resistance of the column to external factors.

You will also find sports protective nets in our assortment. Solutions of this type play an extremely important role when it comes to securing the playing fields and sports fields. Thanks to the protective nets, players can freely devote themselves to training and recreation, without worrying that a stray ball will cause damage around the pitch. We offer security measures that are perfectly suited to the protection of the surroundings of open facilities. Structures of this type simply act as barrier netting. On the other hand, solutions used in closed facilities are designed to protect sensitive, critical elements, such as windows, doors and glazed parts of the structure. Sports protective nets protect property, but also the audience and bystanders.

The protective ships that we can provide can be made of polyethylene or polypropylene, depending on the application and customer requirements. The safety nets are made of a 2mm, 3mm or 4mm weave material and 45mm, 50mm or 100mm mesh sizes.