The large multisport scoreboard BT6530 Alpha is designed with basketball in mind for its ability to manage personal fouls, numbers, names and player scores, as well as being able to display penalty shootouts and set scores. The board is certified, FIBA ​​LEVEL 2.

This scoreboard is ideal for medium-sized halls due to its high-brightness LEDs. The scoreboard is intended for sports halls hosting national competitions.

Display – Match clock:

  • Time ,
  • Game clock freeze indicator,
  • Results,
  • Period number,
  • Countdown the timeout,
  • Break indicators,
  • Team fouls,
  • Individual fouls,
  • Times of penalties,
  • Programmable team names,
  • Result sets,
  • Sets won,
  • Programmable number of players,
  • Points per player

Maximum digit height:

  • 30 cm

Maximum height of letters:

  • 20 cm

Viewing angle:

  • 160 °


  • length: 4580 mm
  • height: 2000 mm
  • depth: 80 mm

Optimal Viewing Distance:

  • 150 m

Environment For indoor or covered use
Integrated horn
Communication Wired communication
230V power supply