The BT6730 Video 12M 12P H15 is a basketball scoreboard ideally suited to international competitions. On this scoreboard, you will display the names of the 12 players and information about the advanced level basketball games. The board has the following certificate: FIBA ​​LEVEL 1.

Additionally, it has a huge 12m² color LED screen. The LED screen is an excellent medium that promotes communication partners and increases the impact of advertising.

This basketball scoreboard is designed for large sports halls and arenas.

Display – Match clock:

  • Time ,
  • Game clock freeze indicator,
  • Results,
  • Period number,
  • Countdown the timeout,
  • Break indicators,
  • Team fouls,
  • Individual fouls,
  • Times of penalties,
  • Programmable team names,
  • Result sets,
  • Sets won,
  • Programmable number of players,
  • Points per player,
  • Player names,
  • displaying the video on a specially designed board surface.

Maximum digit height:

  • 30 cm

Maximum height of letters:

  • 20 cm

Viewing angle:

  • 160 °


  • length: 8388 mm
  • height: 4015 mm
  • depth: 80 mm

Optimal Viewing Distance:

  • 150 m

Environment: Indoor or covered use
Integrated horn
Communication Wired communication
230V power supply
12 m² video screen area (384 x 320 cm)
10mm video pitch