Construction for vertical lifting and lowering of the curtain with electric drive, mounted directly to the girder

  • The system enables the installation of partitioning curtains dividing sports halls and gyms into sectors
  • When rolled up, the curtain is placed parallel to the ceiling
  • It is intended mainly for sports halls with an oblique or arched girder structure, where the use of a horizontal rail is impossible. The system is also recommended when there is not enough space for the material to slide off, e.g. in the case of mounted auditoriums
  • The curtains are designed individually for a specific sports facility in order to adjust the structure to the existing conditions and dimensions of the facility
  • The structure of the dividing curtain is attached directly to the girder. If this is not possible, an intermediate substructure should be made with which the curtain will be fixed to the ground



  • The system consists of an electric motor (230V, power 410W) with a winding drum of the hauling line sets, and a system of rollers guiding the hauling lines
  • Variable diameters of the drums for individual hoisting lines allow to differentiate the speed of hoisting the individual sections of the curtain, so that the material after lifting is adjusted to the bottom of the girder (also in the case of inclined and curved girders)


  • Control is via remote control
  • During the assembly, the assembly team programs the end positions of the curtain

In order to receive a curtain design, valuation, clarification of the color and type of material, please contact the technical and sales department.