Construction for fixing the curtain with manual movement.


Basic information:

  • The dividing curtain system consists of:
    • A running rail (fixed to the girders of the object) on which the movement takes place
    • The material forming the curtain
  • The rolling structure of the curtain is made of powder coated steel profiles and equipped with roller guides to which the curtain fabric is directly attached
  • The length of the rails is individually designed and depends on the dimensions of the hall and the measurements made. The maximum is 24 m
  • Dividing curtains are available in several variants, depending on the type of material selected:
    • non-transparent material
    • transparent material
    • combination of the above
  • The color of the material is determined by the investor
  • PN quality certificate (Polish Standard)

In order to receive a curtain design, valuation, clarification of the color and type of material, please contact the technical and sales department.