Electrically operated dividing curtain system with partial soundproofing.
A curtain separating a sports hall into two (or more) parts, dedicated to all types of facilities (sports halls, trade fairs, production halls, concert halls, banquets, etc.) where there is a need for division and partial sound insulation.

Basic information:

  • The curtain system consists of an electric motor and PVC material connected to a net
  • The curtain is lifted vertically by means of an electric motor (230V, 180-250W with gear) and straps (located on the inside of the curtain) wound on a set of drums
  • The control is carried out with the use of remote controls
  • The long-life motor is equipped with a protection device that stops operation in the event of network or structural problems
  • Washable, fire-resistant PVC fabric with increased resistance to mechanical damage creates a partially soundproof layer that can be lowered and lifted vertically
  • Hidden threads and seams, thanks to which the design eliminates the risk of injury to users and damage to the material itself
  • Each curtain design is individually adapted to a given sports facility
  • Standard colors of the curtain material: gray and beige

In order to receive a curtain design and a quote, please contact the technical and sales department.