Sound-absorbing dividing curtain – 5 layers.
A five-layer curtain separating a given object into separate areas requiring spatial and acoustic insulation. Dedicated to facilities of all types (sports halls, fairs, production halls, concert halls, offices, etc.).

Basic information:

  • Construction type: 5-layer, soundproofing, special purpose soundproof curtain
  • Curtains are used in facilities where there is a need to temporarily divide a zone into parts and where there is a need to muffle sounds between zones.
  • The whole structure of the curtain is mounted on a structure with horizontal manual movement
  • Dimension: according to customer preferences. The curtain design is always adapted to the dimensions of a given facility
  • Color: according to customer preferences
  • The curtain is also available in a 3 or 7-layer variant (with changed acoustic parameters)

Technical Specifications:

  • Layer materials:
    • Layers 1 and 5: stage velor
    • Layers 2 and 4: acoustic fabric
    • Layer 3 (middle): PVC FR (flame retardant)
  • Top edge finish: webbing
  • Side edges of layers 1 and 5 are covered with Velcro connecting the curtains. Bottom edges trimmed with 200 grams / running meter of lead tape, which pulls the curtain and helps to keep its shape
  • Sound reduction: up to 13 dB (approximate value, depending on the environmental conditions in the sports facility)

In order to receive a curtain design and a quote, please contact the technical and sales department.