We are a producer of two-layer acoustic panel curtains.

Curtains are used in facilities where there is a need to temporarily divide a zone into parts and where there is a need to muffle sounds between zones. An additional advantage of the curtains, in particular those with tight acoustic shields, is the complete separation of zones, allowing the limitation of heating and lighting only to the zone used, which translates into lower operating costs of the buildings.
Curtains are used in many types of utility facilities, such as:
– Gyms and sports halls, swimming pools
– Market and production halls
– Concert and theater halls, multi-functional halls, banquet halls.

The curtains are made in the modern technology of joining panels with the use of system aluminum profiles.
The curtains are made of PVC panels with a standard weight of 1200 g / m2, connected with system aluminum profiles (kedra system).
The edges of the panels finished with kedar rope are installed and connected with aluminum profiles during curtain installation, which allows for the replacement of individual panels in the event of e.g. damage or a change in the color concept of the hall.


Kotara akustycan grodząca halę sportową

Lifting system

The curtain is raised and lowered by winding the lifting belts on a set of drums placed on a rotating shaft, mounted on a system of bearing supports.
The shaft is driven by a 230 V, 180-250 W motor, with a gear, the motor is equipped with an encoder that determines the end positions of the curtain. The hoisting tapes lift the supporting beam, so that when lifted, the individual panels are arranged in an aesthetic way and do not cause bending of the material.

System mocowania kotar dźwiękoszczelnych

Lifting system
The necessary condition to achieve the noise reduction of 22 dB required by the DIN 18032 standard is the installation of acoustic screens between the edge of the curtain and the adjacent wall. We make acoustic covers in the form of elements in the form of a double L-type cover, made of T25 polyurethane foam covered with PVC material.
After lowering the curtain, its panels are stretched inside the cover by a special gravity mechanism, which ensures that the panels of the curtain are pressed against the edge of the cover, which effectively eliminates the penetration of sounds between the zones.


Our design team supports architects, design studios, and investors interested in installing curtains. We offer technical support at every stage of the design of the facility, during the construction and installation of curtains, as well as provide service for curtains made by us.
Due to the necessity to fully integrate the curtain system with the designed building, we suggest cooperation with the design at an early stage of creating the concept.
Since the best effect of the curtain installation can be obtained when it is made tight, at the design stage it is necessary to make or adjust the structural elements of the ceiling and walls to create a recess for the installation of the curtain structure.
Our design team offers full design cooperation, also using BIM technology, already at the concept stage. For information and design materials, please send us a project in DWG / PDF format or in the form of a three-dimensional model (eg Revit, Inventor), which will allow us to offer the product precisely, as well as its individual design to be included in the building design.

kotara_dwuwarstwowa_7.jpgProjekt kotary grodzącej
Assembly, service
We assemble curtains. To ensure failure-free, many years of operation, we offer annual inspections performed by an authorized service.

Montaż kotary dwuwarstwowejMontaż kotary akustycznej