Folding auditorium seat Sport Plus FLIP College.
The seat is designed for installation in high-class auditoriums and sports facilities. Thanks to the appropriate profiling, the seat and backrest allow for adequate comfort of use. The gravity folding mechanism with a movable backrest ensures comfortable and ergonomic use with a significant saving of space in the audience.

Basic technical information:


  • The supporting structure is made of a rectangular profile 60x30x2 mm
  • The foot is made of 8 mm laser cut sheet metal, fixed to the floor with two anchors
  • The post has handles for fixing the backrest, made of 3 mm thick sheet metal
  • The system provides one common post for adjacent seats, the end posts are made without holes and fasteners
  • The entire structure is powder coated from the standard color palette – you can choose a color from the RAL palette
  • There is a possibility of additional galvanization as a base for powder paint
  • It is also possible to make the structure in a hot-dip galvanized version

Folding Mechanism:

  • Gravity folding seat
  • All mechanical connections are made with the use of polyamide plain bearings (no mechanical contact between metal and metal), which ensures long-term durability of the folding system, as well as quiet and trouble-free use of the chair


  • Made of 12 mm thick beech plywood, ergonomically profiled
  • Painted with a colorless varnish
  • It has a knee bend
  • The seat has no sharp edges, all possible ends are rounded, which ensures safe use for both children and adults


  • It has an ergonomic, contoured shape – rounding in the vertical plane
  • Seats and backrests can be made with an upholstery pad made of beech plywood, 4.5 mm thick, covered with T35 polyurethane foam 2 cm thick.
  • The overlays can be covered with upholstery fabric or ecological leather (type and color of the material to be agreed)
  • There is a possibility of numbering, embroidery or logotype

Additional notes:

  • For any additional modifications (color, individual embroidery, type of cover) made at the customer’s request, please contact the sales department