The role of own production facilities does not end with the possibility of producing dedicated sports equipment. It is primarily a full control of the entire process – from the early design to implementation and installation in a given sports facility.

zaklady-produkcyjne-sport-plusProcess control

The production base of SPORT PLUS is a bridge between the design department and the final solutions that are delivered to the customer. Each project – regardless of its rank and nature – goes from the monitor screen to the assembly table, and each stage of this process is carried out by staff with appropriate competences – conceptual, design, execution and production.

Process control is also flexibility – necessary to respond to a rapidly changing market and allowing the delivery of products with atypical or individual configuration. Our own offer, which is the basis of the commercial assortment, is an introduction to a much wider product base that we can offer.

Our own machine park allows us to carry out projects related to sports equipment, but not only. We are open to challenges that go beyond our field. Hence, our portfolio also includes, among others solutions for the construction industry and the industry related to warehouse infrastructure.

zaklady-produkcyjne-sport-plusStaff and technology

The final product – a sports tribune, a football goal or a protective mattress – is of appropriate quality, confirmed by appropriate certificates. Consistently high quality has allowed us to be among the leading manufacturers and distributors of sports equipment in the country. This is the result of the selection of experienced staff, the use of appropriate technology and the use of proven materials and materials.

The production facilities – the Upholstery Elements Plant and the production of sports equipment and structures – produce equipment dedicated to individual sports disciplines, while complementing each other in larger projects related to sports infrastructure, e.g. during the production of stands or comprehensive equipment for sports facilities. Thanks to this, we focus the entire production process in one place, controlling the flow of information, maintaining the high quality of equipment and providing the customer with a product manufactured entirely within one company.